PV Solar Panels - Why DIY Solar Panels?

It is becoming increasingly popular for ordinary people to search for an alternative energy source. Such a one, that will help or completely eliminate their energy demands.

But the question remains. Which one kind of renewable energy to select. There still is a growing tendency for people to go for solar energy. PV Solar Panels on average are more suited to generate electricity anywhere on the world than wind turbines.

How is DIY better than the retail solar panels?

1. Low cost

PV solar panels are very affordable. They can cost you $200 and even below $100. It depends on how you select the materials and where you get the solar cells. On the other hand, $27k and more is the usual cost for a retail solar system to be installed on your house roof.

2. Easy to assemble

A solar panel involves a small amount of components. All, except the solar cells, can be found at your local hardware store. The process of building a solar system is very straightforward actually, if you have the right instructional guide by your side.

3. Fun

If you can get the whole family or some friends involved, it adds extra fun while building the pv solar panels. It can be sometimes boring to solder the solar cells together. Another person can tremendously help to speed up the process.

4. Understanding

You will be able to deal with all the problems that may emerge yourself. You won't have to call an electrician. Because you understand how all is connected and what is made of, you save money and time if something goes wrong once in a while.

If you can't wait to count yourself in among the happy people that choose to build the solar panels themselves, I recommend you check out this instructional video guide. It will walk you step by step through all the process of making a PV solar panel from scratch yourself. Check it out here!


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Solar panels aren't as hard to build as many people might think.. Its a bit confusing how they work, but thats the science. Thats not important. What is important is the fact that you can sell your power back to the electric companies, and store your own goodie bag of electricity.

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